which is the best character in free fire max 2024

FREE FIRE MAX has become the best mobile game after surpassing BGMI (formerly PUBG). FREE FIRE MAX focuses more on fictional elements compared to real elements, which drives their fans crazy for the game. Free Fire Max offers different types of gun skins, various characters, and a variety of costumes. However, players are still confused about which character is best for them.


Free Fire Max features over 50 different characters, some of which exist in real life, such as DJ ALOK, CHRONO, KSHMR, DIMITRI, SKYLAR, etc. Some characters are famous characters inspired by movies, like WUKONG, while others are fictional characters created by Garena. Among all these characters, players often get confused about which one is best for them.

Best active skills characters in Free Fire Max


DJ ALOK is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in Free Fire Max. When this character was introduced, every player wanted to have it. DJ ALOK has the best skill, which creates a 5m aura that increases movement speed by 15% and restores 3 HP/s for 10 seconds. The effects do not stack, and the cooldown is 45 seconds.


KSHMR is considered one of the most successful and powerful characters in Free Fire Max. His ability, known as Master Of All Max, increases EP by 50. In Jiu-jitsu Mode, allies within 6m experience a 600% increase in EP conversion rate. In Psychology Mode, he recovers 3 EP every 25 seconds, up to 250 EP. The cooldown for mode switching is 65 seconds.


CHRONO (CR7) is a character based on the real-life footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. This character has one of the craziest skills and is also one of the most loved characters in Free Fire Max. His skill, known as Time Turner, creates an impenetrable force field that blocks 800 DMG. He is unable to attack enemies outside the field. All effects last for 6 seconds, and the cooldown is 75 seconds.


DIMITRI is a newly launched fictional character in Free Fire Max. This character’s skill is best for playing squad games. His skill creates a 3.5m-radius healing zone where the user and allies recover 10 HP/s. Help up will be automatically triggered when needed. The zone lasts for 90 seconds. The effects of helping up teammates can be enhanced by other skills. The cooldown is 90 seconds.


SKYLAR is also considered one of the best characters in Free Fire Max. This character is inspired by a K-pop singer. His skill is suitable for both solo and squad games. He unleashes a sonic wave forward for 100m. The wave explodes and deals damage to Gloo Walls within a 4m radius. The cooldown is 45 seconds.


WUKONG is one of the legendary characters in Free Fire Max. It is also one of the older characters and was loved by many players. This character is inspired by the great Monkey King WUKONG. His ability allows him to transform into a bush that lasts for 15 seconds. The cooldown is 2005 seconds. The transformation ends when Wukong attacks, and the cooldown resets when Wukong takes down an enemy.


ORION is a newly launched character and has a separate fanbase among young players. Among all the characters, it is considered the strongest. It is best for escaping from enemies, taking HP, weakening Gloo Walls, etc. His skill replaces EP with 300 Crimson Energy. He consumes 200 Crimson Energy to activate its protection, during which he cannot take damage or attack enemies. He will absorb 10 HP (ignoring enemy Shield Points) from foes within 5m. The protection lasts for 3 seconds, during which his movement speed decreases by 20. The cooldown is 35 seconds.


The above-mentioned characters are some of the best in Free Fire Max. We didn’t include all the characters to keep the length of our blog manageable. Each character has their own unique skills that contribute to improving gameplay.


1.Which is the best character for playing squad games?
A1. For playing squad games like Clash Squad or BR ranked match, DIMITRI is considered the best character because he can revive himself and his teammates after knocking as well.

2.Can I get DJ ALOK for free?
A2. No, if any player wants to own any active skills character, players have the opportunity to grab that character in a top-up event. Otherwise, players have to purchase the characters in exchange for diamonds.

3.Which FREE FIRE MAX YouTuber has the highest number of subscribers?
A3. Total Gaming is the YouTube channel with 39.2 million subscribers, owned by Ajendra Variya, and the ID name is Ajjubhai94.

4. Which country does Free Fire Max belong to?
A4. Free Fire Max is owned by Garena, which belongs to Singapore. So, Free Fire Max belongs to Singapore.

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