What is AFK warning in Free Fire? Know everything.

Guys, in this article we will learn about what is AFK warning in Free Fire. In the evolving period of mobile games,Free Fire is one of the biggest names among other games. Free Fire is also considered one of the best battle royale games. Free Fire was launched in 2017 and has attracted youngsters until 2020. In 2020, the government of India banned PUBG, which indirectly increased the attraction of players towards Free Fire, making it the best mobile game.

What is AFK warning in free fire


There are many shortcuts used by the developers of Free Fire when contacting their users. For example, they use BR for Bermuda, CS for Clash Squad, AKF, etc. Players easily understand the meaning of BR or CS, but they get confused with AFK.

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What is AFK?

AFK is an English term that means “away from keyboard.” It is an abbreviation used in certain industries like gaming and technology to denote that someone is inactive or disconnected during a game. After the OB22 update, a lot of players have started receiving a warning message from the developers, which says: “We have detected your AFK activities in Clash Squad-Ranked. If such behavior continues while playing CS-Ranked, you may be banned from the CS-Ranked.”

What is AFK warning in free fire

When a player is playing squad games like Bermuda, lone wolf, clash squad, or custom, either ranked or classic, and the player stops their movement in the game for any reason like internet speed slowing down, any software issue, any mobile glitches, low battery, system hangs, power cuts, any external work, etc., for more than 60 seconds, then they will automatically receive AFK warnings in their game’s mail from Garena. Otherwise, if their teammate reports them in the middle of the game, they will also receive warnings from Garena.

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How does AFK work?

There are many ways through which you can receive AFK warnings or notifications.

1.If you disconnect from the middle of the game due to any of the above-mentioned reasons but successfully reconnect to the game within 2 minutes or 120 seconds, then you will not be punished. However, if any of your teammates report you, then Garena will send you a warning message.

2.If you disconnect from the middle of the game and do not reconnect within 2 minutes or 120 seconds, or reconnect after 2 minutes or 120 seconds and continue playing the game, and even if your team wins that match, it will be counted as a loss and your game account will be marked with 1 AFK count.

3.If you are online in the game but not making any movement due to any external reasons, then that match will be counted as a loss, even if your team wins, and your account will be marked with 1 AFK count.

What are the consequences of AFK reports?

Free Fire developers are taking serious actions against players who are reported with AFK or whose gaming ID is detected with AFK. When your account is marked with 3 AFK counts, Garena will send you a mail in the game’s mail section. After that, if your account is marked with 8 AFK warnings, you will be prohibited from playing the CS ranked mode for 24 hours.

What are the solutions for AFK warnings?

What is AFK warning in free fire

If your account is prohibited from Clash Squad ranked matches due to AFK actions, then you don’t have to worry. There are very simple steps to overcome this problem. You have to play Clash Squad casual mode without any AFK behavior. With every match, your AFK count will be reduced by 1. By the time your AFK count goes below 8, you will be able to play Clash Squad ranked matches. But if you keep doing it continuously, then it is possible that you will be banned from playing Clash Squad ranked for 1 week, or else your account will be banned from Garena Free Fire.


Every user should play the game honestly without any hacks or cheating. If you have to leave the game for any important work and your account is AFK reported, then you should instantly try to escape from AFK, otherwise, your Free Fire ID will also be banned.


1) What happens if any of my teammates falsely report me?

A1. If any player falsely reports their teammates, then they will get punished instead of their teammates because the developers inspect the reports and games before coming up with a solution.

2) When did AFK come in Free Fire?

A2. AFK was introduced in Free Fire after the OB22 update due to some wrong practices performed by players to save their rank.

3) What is the full form of AFK?

A3. AFK is an acronym in English that means “away from keyboard.” It is an abbreviation used in certain industries.

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