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Free Fire Max Low 50 Mb APK: One of the most famous battle royale games for Android is Free Fire Max. With its stunning graphics and powerful gameplay, it keeps players interested. However, the game’s file size is quite large at around 700-900 MB depending on the device. Many low-end Android phones with little disk space find this hard to install and run.

To make Free Fire Max easier for everyone to play, a small 50 MB version of the game has been released. The article will talk about Free Fire Max in general terms and the advantages of using the 50 MB APK version. There will also be instructions on how to download the game and make it run smoothly on 50 MB.

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Overview of Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max is a New version of the original Free Fire game. Free Fire Was Banned in India But Max is still available you can play without restriction. Free Fire Max was launched in 2021 and quickly gained popularity for its high-definition graphics, new maps, customized characters, pets, and exciting game modes.

Some of the key features of Free Fire Max include:

  • Stunning visuals and animations
  • Massive maps with more open spaces
  • Special character skills and pets
  • Ranked mode and esports tournaments
  • Various firearms and vehicles
  • Team up with friends in squads

The improved graphics and gameplay make Free Fire Max more immersive but also increase the file size. The Max version is close to 1 GB, while the Free Fire version is about 700 MB. This means that low-end devices often have problems with storage and usability.

Benefits of Free Fire Max Low Size APK

The 50 MB version of Free Fire Max offers some great benefits, especially for users with limited phone storage or older models.

Saves storage space

The small 50 MB file size saves a lot of storage space on the device. This allows users to keep more apps, photos, videos, and files on their phones.

Works on low-end devices

Since the 50 MB APK has compressed graphics and media assets, it works smoothly on phones with low RAM and internal storage. Older models unable to run the HD version can easily handle the lighter 50MB APK.

Quicker download speeds

The reduced app size also enables quicker downloads even on slower internet connections. The 50 MB file can be downloaded in just minutes compared to the nearly 1 GB original version.

Download Free Fire MAX Low 50 MB APK

Download Free Fire MAX APK and OBB
NameGarena Free Fire MAX
Version2.100.1 (OB41)
Offered ByGarena International I
Official Website
Supports4.1 & Up
Last UpdatedNovember 2023

Tips for Running Free Fire Max on 50MB

Here are some useful tips to ensure Free Fire Max runs smoothly even with the reduced 50MB file size:

Close background apps

Free up RAM and CPU usage by closing other apps running in the background. Too many background processes can affect in-game performance.

Disable unwanted features

Turn off resource-intensive in-game features like high-resolution textures, shadows, anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, etc. Retain only necessary graphics options.

Lower resolution settings

Reduce the display resolution before launching the game. Lower resolution puts less pressure on the CPU and GPU for improved frame rates.

Optimizing in-game settings and device performance is crucial for lag-free gameplay. Test different configurations and adjust based on your device’s capabilities.


A wider audience can play Free Fire Max thanks to its compressed 50MB version. Even though the file size has been reduced, Free Fire still offers the exciting battle royale gameplay that has made it famous.

By utilizing the tips in this article, you can now play the full HD game on low-end devices with limited storage space. Let your friends know about this 50MB choice so that everyone can enjoy Fire Max.

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