Garena Free Fire Events upcoming 2024 which will be a delight to watch and play.

This week, free fire announced their upcoming Garena Free Fire Events weekly basis updates which includes some special gun skins, effectful emotes, gun skins of players’ most preferrable guns and with some more content. 

In this latest article, we’ll majorly talk about the updates and events which will be included in Garena free fire as Garena free fire is the most popular mobile game, gamers are very keen to know about the latest developments in the game.


Upcoming free fire events and updates from Garena Free fire India

Newly pet rumble, major developments in the clash squad mode, new gameplay optimizations which will bring a smooth experience in your Garena Free Fire.

Let’s talk about the newly free fire events and major updates which will shortly get included in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire Events , Free Fire March 2024 Update: OB39 update

1.The OB39 update will be shortly arriving in the game on March 22 i.e. Wednesday after past midnight around 12:00 am.
*Players can now easily buy characters with the help of their stored in-game gold.
*Pet mechanics will be purely changed.
*Players can now hide their cute pets as per their wish.

2. Free Fire Free Fire Season 3 Booyah Pass
The Booyah Pass of the Season 3 will be immediately launched on the first day of March 2024 itself. The pre-ordering process will also start two – three days before the release of the booyah pass season 3.

Season 3 Booyah Pass will be available for whole month which will later expired in the end of the month.
Some Redeem codes through which players can access special rewards

Redeem codes have a very great significance in accessing various gifts and materials through which players can increase the attractiveness in their vault.

Steps on how to access and redeem the codes:
*Access the official rewards redemption website for the Garena Free Fire Max using any one of your preferred browser.
*Signing in to your account via any of the social media platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram or also by Google.
*Copy the following codes which are provided below and paste them into the corresponding designated text box.
*Click on the confirm button to proceed ahead and after completing the verification process, your id will be rewarded with gold or diamonds automatically or also some famous bundles, etc.

Free Fire Upcoming New Event 2024
Free Fire Upcoming New Event 2024

Use the following Garena Free Fire redeem codes to receive some of the exciting free skins and pets in the battle royale title:


Pls Note: These Free Fire redeem codes might not work for all users due to their unknown maximum usage limits, server restrictions, and their expiration dates.

If an issue arises during the redemption procedure, you should have to wait for the developer to drop new redeem codes for your server.

Free Fire Events
Free Fire Events Event!

Upcoming Free Fire Events and Garena free fire rewards, gun skins and special bundles 

Players can access a diverse range and sample of some exciting bundles and skins such as the revolt weapon loot crate skin, skin of fire head hunting parachute,

diamond vouchers, mister and missy sweetheart bundle and many more and can access these things by various means.
A set of some new Bunny costumes, including a special Bunny Mastermind bundle, may launch in the Indian server. Reports speculated that at least three bundles can launch in any time.

While exact dates are still not confirmed, can release before the Holy event series seem likely.

Bundles coming in January in Free Fire Events

The Purple Shade bundle could return to Garena Free Fire India any time soon. Players who missed it previously may have another chance to obtain the costume, potentially via a moco store event or web event by free-fire.
Garena has also announced some bonus prizes such as name change card, Kar98K-Rebel academy, various gloo wall skins and many more.

Players also have access to the weapon royale area by accessing with 40 diamonds or 1 precious weapon royale voucher or players can also access 10 in a row.

By this I’ll wrap up this article about informing you all about the latest developments in the Garena Free Fire. Hope you enjoyed and loved the article. Stay tuned for further updates.

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We know that Garena Free Fire Events upcoming in India 2024 , Garena Free Fire Events upcoming location update in other next post 


Q1. What is the biggest Free Fire Events ?

A1. The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is a marquee annual Garena free fire world championship tournament in which global teams compete for around US$2 million which is a very huge amount.

Q2. Can we update Free fire now?

A2. Yes, you can update Free Fire now as the latest update has already been released on both android and iOS devices.

Q3. Who is the latest character of Free Fire?

A3. The latest character in the Garena Free Fire is Luqueta who possesses a special skill of increasing his health by every time he gets a kill.

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