BMO World Elite Mastercard

  1. Travel Points: Earn 3 BMO Rewards points for every $1 spent on eligible travel, dining, and entertainment purchases.
  2. Welcome Bonus: Enjoy a substantial welcome bonus for new cardholders, often awarded after meeting initial spending requirements.
  3. Lounge Access: Benefit from exclusive access to airport lounges worldwide, enhancing your travel experience.
  4. Insurance Coverage: Receive comprehensive travel and medical insurance coverage, including trip cancellation and interruption insurance.
  5. Premium Benefits: Access premium benefits such as concierge service, exclusive offers, and special promotions.


  1. Annual Fee: The card typically has an annual fee, and this fee may be waived for the first year for new cardholders.
  2. Interest Rates: Standard interest rates apply for purchases and cash advances. It’s important to check the specific rates provided by BMO.

Additional Information:

  1. Rewards Redemption: Redeem accumulated BMO Rewards points for various travel expenses, merchandise, or as a statement credit against travel purchases.
  2. Travel Partnerships: BMO Rewards often has partnerships with airlines and travel providers, allowing for flexibility in redeeming points.
  3. Travel Benefits: Enjoy additional travel benefits, such as travel assistance services, car rental discounts, and travel protection.


  1. Income Requirements: The BMO World Elite Mastercard typically requires a minimum annual income to qualify for the card.
  2. Credit Score: A good to excellent credit score is generally needed for approval.

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