ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card


  • Annual Fee: There is an annual fee associated with the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card. This fee contributes to the card’s premium features and benefits.
  • Additional Cardholder Fee: If you choose to add an additional cardholder, there may be an additional fee for each supplementary card.

Key Features:

  1. Frequent Flyer Points: The card is designed for frequent travelers, allowing cardholders to earn Qantas Points for eligible purchases. The points can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, and other rewards within the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.
  2. Bonus Points Offer: ANZ often provides a bonus points offer for new cardholders who meet certain spending criteria within a specified timeframe. This can be a substantial boost to your Qantas Points balance.
  3. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access: The ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card may offer complimentary access to airport lounges, providing a more comfortable travel experience.
  4. Travel and Purchase Insurance: The card may come with a range of insurance coverage, including international travel insurance, extended warranty on purchases, and other protections for cardholders.
  5. Interest-Free Period: Like many credit cards, the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card typically offers an interest-free period on purchases, allowing cardholders to avoid interest charges if the balance is paid in full by the due date.
  6. Contactless Payments: The card likely supports contactless payments, allowing for quick and secure transactions by tapping the card on a contactless-enabled terminal.
  7. Exclusive Visa Offers: As a Visa credit card, ANZ Frequent Flyer Black may provide exclusive offers and discounts for cardholders when using their card for specific purchases.


  • Eligibility criteria for the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card may include a minimum income requirement and other factors.


  • Always check the latest terms and conditions, including interest rates, rewards structure, and fees, directly with ANZ before applying for the credit card.

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