American Express Cobalt Card

  • The American Express Cobalt Card has an annual fee of [specific amount], which may be subject to change. It’s essential to check the latest terms and conditions for the most accurate information.

Key Features:

  1. Membership Rewards:
    • Earn 5 Membership Rewards points for every $1 spent on eligible eats and drinks.
    • Earn 2 points for every $1 spent on eligible travel and transit, including taxis, rideshares, and public transit.
    • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on other purchases.
  2. Multipliers:
    • Enjoy accelerated points accumulation with higher point multipliers on select spending categories.
    • [Specify additional multipliers if applicable].
  3. Flexible Redemption:
    • Redeem points for a variety of rewards, including travel, merchandise, statement credits, and more.
    • Points have no expiry date, providing flexibility in redeeming rewards.
  4. Perks:
    • Access to exclusive events and offers, enhancing the overall cardholder experience.
    • [Specify any additional perks or benefits provided by the card].
  5. Monthly Bonus:
    • Earn a monthly bonus of [specific bonus points] when you spend a certain amount within a billing cycle.
  6. Welcome Bonus:
    • New cardmembers may be eligible for a welcome bonus. The bonus structure can change, so it’s advisable to check the latest promotional offers.
  7. Annual Interest Rate:
    • The card typically has a competitive annual interest rate on purchases. It’s important to pay attention to this rate, especially if carrying a balance.

Additional Fees:

  • Foreign Transaction Fee: [Specify the percentage or amount charged for foreign transactions].
  • Balance Transfer Fee: [Specify if applicable].
  • Cash Advance Fee: [Specify if applicable].

Insurance Benefits:

  • The American Express Cobalt Card may include various insurance benefits such as travel insurance, purchase protection, and more. Check the specific terms and conditions for details.


  • Eligibility criteria may apply. Applicants should review the requirements and ensure they meet the necessary conditions for card approval.

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